Evergreen Excavating is available to make deliveries to your home or business. Our trucks are ready to deliver up to 20 ton loads for your garden, driveway installation or repair and drainage needs. We can also help you find an independent driver if you require a smaller load for projects around your home or garden.

We offer Organic Compost, Mulch and Top soil.

Mulch – A blend of hay with cow and horse manures are used to produce a product of uniform consistency with a rich dark color and a natural earthy smell.

Compost – A blend of hay with cow and horse manures are used to produce a nutrient-rich compost that can substantially improve soil health.

Top Soil – A blend of compost and sand or a blend of compost, loam and sand. A perfect product for your vegetable garden.

We offer a full array of aggregate Delivered

Stone, Sand and Gravel for all your needs.

A few examples of Driveway materials:

Item #4 – This is ¾ crushed stone with dust. This is typically used for a base before paving or simply a finished top for a gravel driveway.

Screened Fill – This is ½ or less crushed stone with fines mixed in. This can also be used for a top finish for a gravel driveway.

Bank Run – This is simply sand and gravel as it comes from the gravel bank. This can be used as a base for a driveway or a finish for an old country driveway look.

Call us for more details or to schedule a delivery.